Hello, I’m Susan Stoltz, owner and founder of AlphaSonic™ Sound Wave Therapy. In 1991, I was told I had less than 24 hours to live. Searching for answers and frustrated by being treated merely for pain management, I was introduced to the technology I’m sharing with you today. Sound wave technology completely changed my life, and after being very ill for several months, I was fully recovered within just a few weeks. For the rest of my story, click on "Meet Susan!"

This website offers in-depth information on AlphaSonic™ technology and applications, success stories from human and animal case studies, as well as online purchasing of AlphaSonic™ machines and supporting products. Call me at 866-478-7118 or email me with any additional questions. Have a pain free day!

Are you suffering from any of these problems?
- Joint Pain & Arthritis
- Back Pain
- Soft Tissue Injuries, Wounds, Muscle Soreness
- Poor Circulation, Range of Motion
- Lack of Vitality

Are you sick and tired of "being sick and tired"?
Are you looking for a way to get relief and get back to your life? Living with constant pain wears you down, limits what you can do and want to do on any given day and puts your life on hold. You know how frustrating and even downright depressing it can be to wake up every day and be in pain.

Ready to find out what some top doctors say could be and has been for many, the fastest way to help get quality of life back, often without drugs or expensive surgery? CLICK HERE

AlphaSonic Soundwave Therapy

“Having suffered the chronic pain and fatigue of Fibromyalgia for over 20 years, I could only pray that this worked. IT WORKED! I've had the most incredible few months. What an amazing transformation!” Nonie N., Oregon

“The results are often dramatic and long lasting. I use it on nearly every patient, every day.” Chaz Rhinehart, DC


AlphaSonic™ Technology Benefits may include:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased local circulation
  • Relaxed muscle spasm
  • Increased alpha rhythm
  • Reduced swelling

Additional potential benefits include:

  • Enhanced therapy efforts, minimizes de-tox soreness
  • Faster absorption and uptake for medications and supplements
  • Faster, more successful recoveries
  • Safe, effective patient participation
  • Softening of scar tissue

When is it safe to apply the AlphaSonic?:

  • Acute
  • Sub Acute
  • Chronic
  • Prevention
  • Before and after workout


  • User friendly
  • Fast Results
  • Long lasting results
  • Penetrates through clothes, shoes, bandages, casts
  • Conductor gel not required

Safety Concerns:

  • Non invasive
  • Does not heat tissue (as compared to ultrasound)
  • Sound waves are bio-compatible
  • Safe to use in all phases of an injury
  • No tolerance buildup
  • Adequate hydration is important
  • Contraindications - do not use with pregnancy, pacemakers, do not apply directly to broken skin or extremely inflamed skin (hold a few inches away), touch the eyes directly (hold a few inches above instead), and do not use directly on a local area when a blood clot is known or suspected

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